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Eiffel Tower

242 turer og aktiviteter

Eiffeltårnet ble bygget av Gustave Eiffel i anledning verdensutstillingen i 1889, som ble holdt for å markere hundreårsdagen for revolusjonen. Eiffeltårnet (Tour Eiffel) var med sine 320 meter verdens høyeste konstruksjon frem til Chrysler Building sto ferdig på Manhattan. Eiffeltårnet møtte motstand blant byens aristokratiske og litterære elite, og ble nesten revet i 1909. Tårnets redning kom da det viste seg å være en ideell plattform for antennene som måtte opp i forbindelse med den nye teknologien radiotelegrafi. I dag er høydepunktet av et besøk til Eiffeltårnet utsikten over Paris. Når du er ferdig med å stirre opp i bærebjelkene, kan du dra videre til en av de tre etasjene som er åpne for besøkende. Like sørøst for Eiffeltårnet ligger en gressplen hvor de første ballongferdene én gang i tiden tok av fra. Nå blir den brukt av tenåringer med rullebrett og av aktivister som sier sitt om tingenes tilstand i Frankrike.
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Sydney Harbour Bridge

102 turer og aktiviteter

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88 turer og aktiviteter

Stonehenge is still one of the world's great mysteries. Who built it? Why? And how? Around 3,500 years old, Stonehenge is a massive circle of standing stones and earthworks in the middle of a green field in Wiltshire. Whoever built the monument, Stonehenge is Britain's most important ancient monument. There is evidence that it was a burial site, and theories abound that it has astronomical, spiritual or even supernatural meaning. Unfortunately, these days a couple of major roads rush by on either side ruining the vista but Stonehenge still manages to retain its magic and mystery. People flock there at the time of the summer and winter solstices.
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La Sagrada Família

215 turer og aktiviteter

La Sagrada Familia is no doubt the most iconic structure in Barcelona. The church, located in L'Eixample, has been a fixture in Barcelona since construction commenced in 1882 and as building continues on today the structure's fame only grows. Though still a work in progress, the church already is an amazingly intricate structure. Antoni Gaudí spent 43 years on this project and, since his death in 1926, the duty to finish it has been passed on to several architects. Though the responsibility continues to change hands over the years, the architects have all respected Gaudí's vision and have made additions with his design in mind. Inside the church has an impressive stained glass windows line the main room and a lift takes visitors up one of the towers to enjoy the view. Smaller rooms hold exhibits detailing the history and future of the structure. La Sagrada Familia is projected to be completed in 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudí.
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Blue Lagoon

16 turer og aktiviteter

The Blue Lagoon is a unique wonder of Iceland, a result of all that volcanic activity the small island is so famous for. In the middle of the weird and wonderful, flat black lava fields of the Svartsengi National Park, the huge, outdoor lagoon is filled by naturally heated geothermal water which comes from 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) below the surface of the earth. It is full of minerals, silica and algae and is especially good for the skin and relaxation. In fact, part of the Blue Lagoon development is a health clinic specializing in cures for psoriasis. The water is almost startlingly blue in color, and the white of the silica on the black lava rocks around the edges makes an amazing contrast.
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57 turer og aktiviteter

For almost 150 years, Alcatraz has given the innocent chills and the guilty cold sweats. Over the years it's been the nation's first military prison, then a forbidding maximum-security penitentiary, now a National Park. No wonder that first step you take off the ferry and onto 'The Rock' seems to cue ominous music: dunh-dunh-dunnnnh! But a visit to Alcatraz is more than just seeing the inside of an old prison. The scenic ferry ride on the San Francisco Bay enhances the experience. On the way to Alcatraz, take in the breathtaking panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Angel Island; the Ellis Island of the West.
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Statue of Liberty

173 turer og aktiviteter

The Statue of Liberty guards the entrance to New York Harbor on Liberty Island. A gift from France to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Lady Liberty has been a symbol of democracy and hope since 1886. Looming large at 305 feet (93 m), including the pedestal, the statue dominates Liberty Island. Together with neighboring Ellis Island, the monument is administered by the National Park Service. Informative tours explore the construction and restoration of the monument. Inside the pedestal you can see the original torch and an explanatory exhibit before taking a close-up view of the Statue of Liberty on the 10th floor. If you reserve well in advance, you can visit the actual crown - it's not for the fainthearted, however, as it involves climbing 354 steeply winding steps.
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Grand Canyon Skywalk

22 turer og aktiviteter

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass, 70-foot long, open-air bridge suspended 4,000 feet above the canyon floor, providing 720-degree views. The Skywalk is operated by the Hualapai Tribe, which owns and protects more than one million acres of land throughout the Grand Canyon’s western rim. Even with its remote location some 120 miles from Las Vegas, you can easily experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk on a day trip or overnight excursion to the West Rim.
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662 turer og aktiviteter

The world’s famous Colosseum was built in 80 AD for the Roman emperors to stage fight to-the-death gladiator battles and hunt and kill wild animals, whilst members of the general public watched the violent spectaculars. Entry was free, although you were seated according to your social rank and wealth. Gladiatorial games were banned in 438 AD; the wild beast hunting continued until 523. The Colosseum is amazing for its complex and advanced architecture and building technique. Despite being used as a quarry for building materials at various points in history, it is still largely intact. You can see the tiered seating, corridors and the underground rooms where the animals and gladiators awaited their fate. Today the Colosseum has set the model for all modern-day stadiums, the only difference being today's teams survive their games.
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Machu Picchu

78 turer og aktiviteter

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